Freight Terms

Applicable shipping and handling charges are added to the customer’s invoice. Please check our website for product specific shipping information. Title to and risk of loss of the goods will be transferred to the customer at the time of pickup by the carrier, at which time our responsibility will cease. CCE Golf Promotions cannot assume responsibility for time delays in transit.

Changes to Shipping Addresses/Shipping Methods

Any changes to shipping address or shipping method must be submitted in writing 24 hours prior to the scheduled ship date and before the order has been processed for shipment.

Third-Party and Freight Collect

Add $10 per order, per ship to location when electing not to ship on CCE Golf Promotions shipper account. Insurance must be handled by the consignee. If any selected third party or freight collect fee gets charged back to CCE Golf Promotions, these charges and any associated fees will be billed separately to your account. All third-party and freight collect shipments ship EXW factory.

International Shipping

For shipments outside the United States (including Puerto Rico), declared values will be catalog pricing unless otherwise requested.

For international shipments, the customer is responsible for all taxes, duties, brokerage fees and miscellaneous charges related to the shipment. If an international order is shipped via a third party or freight collect, these fees will be charged to the third-party or freight collect account.

For shipments with a declared value of $2,500 or more, a shipper’s export declaration (or Electronic Export Information) will need to be submitted to customs. All shipments to countries that qualify for this requirement will have an additional $20 handling fee added to the shipping cost for third-party, freight collect and prepaid shipments.

CCE Golf Promotions is not responsible for delays in customs, ocean freight shipment delays or air freight shipment delays beyond our immediate control.

Freight Claims

Title passes from the factory upon consignment of merchandise to the carrier. Although we can assist you, freight claims for third-party and freight collect shipments should be filed with the carrier.